Thursday, July 30, 2009

Creative Anomalies

Hello all. In case you haven't heard, I no longer update this blog. Like, ever. My operations have moved to the brand spankin' new (at least it was new in January) blog and webcomic Creative Anomalies (or for those browsers challenged by links). Please feel free to drop by, leave a comment, or send me hate mail. Except for the hate mail. I'd really appreciate just comments and satisfied email.

You can find the blog portion at Creatively Anomalous (again, There I write about lots of things, though mostly RPGs of late. You can find prose and poetry, photography, and random rantings there. In short, it is my primary web home. I also have a tech blog, Confessions of a Tech Junkie (, but it is a bit less...I dunno...exciting? Still, you should check it out.

All the best, dear readers,